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Don't assume online is rigged when playing live - Online Poker

PokerStars is a Scam and Not Legit | PokerStars Review If you think the play money is rigged, it isn't rigged and you are just bad at poker and can't beat the worst players imaginable. I know that sounds harsh, but it's the truth. Seriously just look up some strategy on NL/Limit online or read a book. The book is your best bet in my opinion. There's a ton of places to get information and learn, there is no excuse to not to try to understand why ... Proof That Online Poker Is Rigged! - Consider this….when answering the question is online poker rigged, the answer is clearly yes and no. When you start playing online most people opt for the free cash games and tournaments which I believe are fixed. It is in the best interest of every poker site out there to see to it that newbies feel the rush of winning so they will soon commit their hard cash to playing for real. I’ve ...

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Is Online Poker Rigged? 7 Poker Myths Busted ... Read why online poker is not rigged and the seven most common myths (like ... Those players forget the following: while playing in a full-ring game home game,  ... What measures can I take to verify that an online poker site has ...

PokerStars is a Scam and Not Legit | PokerStars Review

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When playing in a physical game, don’t get caught thinking something only happens online. For instance, I’ve had QQ with someone else Is Online Poker Rigged? Can Players Cheat During Online Poker An article addressing reasons online poker players go bust, which online poker sites are rigged and the methods players use to cheat at online poker.